Montgomery Lyon

Ashley Montgomery Lyon and Deborah Montgomery's   Design Studio immediately captivates the eye.  However, the name originated not from the time period, known for it's lavish décor, but from their initial jewelry pieces designed of “Baroque” pearls . And as Ashley says, "the rest is history". However, there is nothing ostentatious or showy about Beyond Baroque's designs. The color palettes of the jewelry certainly adds to the warmth but it’s the duo's presence that epitomizes exactly what Beyond Baroque stands for – a stylish, colorful and modern jewelry collection perfectly combined with an age-old personal and intimate mother-daughter feel.

Ashley’s designs combines a modern mix of natural semiprecious stones and subtly detailed,  and rich metals. Continually evolving, the collections features one-of-a-kind edgy designs that reflect the current fashion landscape and her own innate vision. 

The Studio is a charming house in UPTOWN

just down from the Crescent Hotel and Hotel ZaZa

Between McKinney and Cedar Springs

2530 Fairmount Street

Dallas, Tx 75201

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  Their clients also helped elect Ashley as one of the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas...based on not only their beauty, but community service and entrepreneurship.

We will help you organize a Jewelry Show for your group of friends or event at the Studio

If it is for a charity we will donate 10% of all sales to your Charity


Beyond Baroque was featured at the Emmy’s Style Lounge in Hollywood

Earrings purchased and worn by Kara DioGiuardi in the 2009 season of American Idol launched an entire collection.